Saturday Morning Confusion!

Remember as a kid getting up at the crack of dawn for your favorite cartoons on Saturday Morning?

Well, you can relive those fond times every Saturday Morning on Oldies.Gold from 6 AM til Noon. That’s when we add themes from your favorite cartoons to all the great oldies that you love.

Oh, and it gets better – not only do you get the likes of Underdog, The Flintstones and Beany and Cecil…You get School House Rock too!  If you’re not careful, you’ll end up in Conjunction Junction!

See ya there.

The Fifties At Five!

Hey Daddio’s and Kool Kittens, weekdays at five we are going back to those happy days of yesteryear for a full hour of soda fountains, poodle skirts, sock hops, sideburns, drive-ins, hula hoops, Letter Sweaters, 3D movies, and nothing but the early days of rock and roll. It’s the Living End and coolamundo!